New era of offshore finance

We would like to welcome you to the era of offshore companies that are now leading the global financial industry. Fiscal-Investment is built around the same concept. We are United Kingdom registered company with a longstanding history of offline operations. After extensive internal discussion and thorough market research, we decided to enter the online field to pursue our organizational goals.

Our Investment Plans

We consider ourselves a pioneering broker. We were founded in 9th February 2016, which is considered a lifetime in the online trading industry. In fact, we were one of the very first Forex trading platforms to be made available to retail traders, just like you. In that time, we have built a solid reputation for ourselves, and we believe it is incumbent upon us to protect that reputation and the strong relationship we have with our clients.

As we are one of the most highly regulated online brokers out there to offer CFD trading online, this gives our traders a level of confidence and trust. We value that trust and do all we can to protect it. We place emphasis on both quality and choice. Choice with regards to the platforms we offer, the assets we host and the account types available, in the hope that our clients have an enjoyable and rewarding trading experience.

What exactly Fiscal-Investment do to earn money? We will be more than happy to share the company’s inner operations. Fiscal-Investment has been generating money by helping Individuals and organizations to get legal return online, as we let them fund their money or enable it to flow into the stock/forex market and real estate to generate revenues. In short, we provide money management and investment consulting service by offering the best legal investment methods in cryptocurrencies segment. In this way, we make money from the groups and individuals whose money we take on deposit, retaining fees from those amounts with which we deliver the promised returns to our investors. Consequently, the company’s capital continues to increase throughout its lifecycle, with members continuing to share in the company's profits.

After serving the people of United Kingdom for the several years, we have now decided to go online and let our company go public so that any individual, located anywhere in the world, can invest their money in our company and earn profits for themselves. Investors are an integral part of Fiscal-Investment, and are afforded the highest priority to that we treat you in the best way possible.

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World-Class Approach

  • Invest

    The Fiscal-Investment team is working hard to innovation a new model of online investing. We rely on a strong network of investors, entrepreneurs and institutions, who are helping shape the vision for the online investing industry.

  • Exact

    We concentrate our focus on a winning strategy. Fiscal-Investment supports the development of the financial technology infrastructure by investing in digital money and cryptocurrencies based on blockchain.

  • Live

    Our mission is to accelerate the development of a better online investing system. We help individuals and companies by leveraging digital money to build a better future.

Authorized United Kingdom Registered Company

Fiscal-Investment complies with all laws and regulations pertaining to the investing, trading, and use of digital assets. For more detail about our certification, please view the Fiscal-Investment certificate.

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